Tuesday, February 13, 2007

RED WEDDING - Nails (12-inch EP, 1984)

From the late 70s to mid 80s Los Angeles was the place to be if you hoped to explore untrodden heights of creativity in music. From punk to new wave to deathrock and beyond, LA cracked boundaries and encouraged experimentation, ultimately allowing countless new breeds of musicians to emerge and thrive.

Formed in 1981, Red Wedding was far ahead of the pack in terms of both originality and technical skill. With a weighty nod to psychedelia and an enthusiastic thumbs-up to prog, the band craftily melded fanciful guitar hooks with sci-fi electronics and danceable beats to create their signature sound of spooky, spaced-out postpunk. “Nails”, the band’s second and final release, was praised by music fans and media press alike for its multifarious form; from the dark and groovy opening track “Goddess No More” to the synthesized chirps and bleeps of “Twist” (anyone ever heard of the band Reseau d'Ombres?) and the somber minimalism of the romantic “Somewhere”, this 6-song EP is sure to have you up and dancing, or at least bobbing your head, from beginning to end. Highly recommended for those curious to hear a Chrome-molested Flock Of Seagulls… if that makes any sense at all. Red Wedding's official website is here.

“…Record producer Kim Fowley approached the band about managing them. While the members were flattered, Fowley wanted too much artistic control and the band turned him down.”

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Dave, Owner of EAR/Rational Music said...

Dear Noinim,

Greetings from Tucson, Arizona. This is Michael, the lead singer of Red Wedding. A friend in Boston sent us a link to your blog in which you reviewed the "Nails" EP. Thank you so much for the great review. It means a lot to us to be remembered.

After years of being prodded by friends and fans, Spider and I have finally agreed to release a Red Wedding CD on Aural Fixation Records containing tracks from both of our EPs as well as early recorded demos and unreleased material. It is due to be released later this month and if you send us your address, we'll be happy to send you a copy. Our email address is spiderandmichael and we're on msn.com (trying to avoid email harvesting bots).

Also, if interested, check out the two Red Wed videos on YouTube:



Thanks again!

Best wishes,
Michael (and Spider)

P.S. Spider and I are now recording as "Michael and Spider" after releasing three CDs as "Smoke & Mirrors", also on Aural Fixation Records.

noinim said...

WoW... if it isn't the man himself! Well let me just say that I'm honored to share the feelings your music has evoked within me. And it's thrilling to know that you and Spider continue to make music. I'll be sure to not only check out Smoke & Mirrors, but to keep an eye out for anything you should record under Michael and Spider.

And of course I NEED that Red Wedding CD!!! Check your email.

Much Love.

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Anonymous said...

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