Thursday, February 22, 2007

MORBID OPERA – Jesus Loves You - So Give Us Your Money! (EP, 1983)

First off, I’d like to declare that I’m a pretty much a sappy sucker for most any song featuring a decent female singer, whether it be a rowdy punk rocker, a robotic minimal waver, or sludgy doom metaller… if a chick is on vocals there’s one thing for sure - I’ve probably got both ears all up in it! Now, one evening in the midst of researching female-fronted punk bands, I ran across the smallest snippet concerning this arresting vintage wonder that calls itself Morbid Opera:

“Morbid Opera are a totally strange female outfit, mean, weird, divine.”

…Female? ...Strange?? ...Mean??? ...Weird???? ...Divine?????

*GULP* Oh god, I just had to hear them! So after a good hour of e-searching (there wasn’t much information available) I found out that the band was 75% female (3 girls, 1 guy?), from Florida, and had just one EP and some compilation tracks under their belt. And after a just a few months of e-shopping I managed to seize a copy of that one official EP entitled “Jesus Loves You – So Give Us Your Money!”

This 6-tracker enthusiastically begins with the X-like scream-shout punk rock stomp of “Liar”, only to slowly dive downward into some dark and plodding postpunk with “Private Prostitute” and “Deep End”. “One Dimensional” picks up the pace again with its chugga-chugg rhythm and some ultra-bluesy guitar riffing; while “Madness” smoothes the edges with a hypnotic beat and sullen lyrics. The final track “Sledgehammer” is sure to amuse with its funky framework and loose, careless energy. Overall there's quite a nice assortment of moods and styles on this one, making it an easy addition to most anyone’s punk/postpunk playlist. Great find!

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Fritz die Spinne said...


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annie's animal said...

sears files are online again

Marco Gélido said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Maximum Rocknroll played a Morbid Opera song called "White Flag" in ep. 1060. I dunno what it's from. I trimmed it out of the radio broadcast. Want it? (My email's oyster AT freakscene DOT net.)

noinim said...

hey groony, thanks for your message! yeah, that song is on the "we can't help it if we're from florida" comp. there's also 2 other Morbid Opera tracks on it. this was released before their ep, when the band were young, unpolished and more aligned to their hardcore label mates than the postpunk artiness they'd come to be known for.

jolicoeur said...

I use you link for the post of We can't help it if we're fromFlorida comp ep on my blog. I hope you're Ok.
Thank you.
Jean marc